July 10, 2020

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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 35 on Thursday 31st January 2019 – CrystalUpdate

Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 35 on Thursday 31st January 2019 - Telenovelas GH

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Laura goes to ask Eugenia if indeed she is not her daughter and Eugenia tells her the truth and Laura looking so depressed understands why she treated bad and had never loved her, but can’t understand adopted her when she knew she wasn’t going to love her and again she tells her that when she didn’t turn out to be a good person as she expected she regretted having adopted her on the other hand, she sees how much love she shows towards Diana because she is her daughter. Eugenia wants Laura to forgo things and make them put things in place and be a family again but Laura can’t and she walks away.

Regina tries to convince Manuel to watch the videos of Pablo so that he sees the kind of work he does underground which is a good thing but might seem like a criminal act but in fact he is a good man but Manuel tells her that Pablo used her father’s (Camilo) computers for his activities and involved his father’s company, so she has to tell her father if not Pablo’s dealings might end the company into jeopardy. But Regina still wants Manuel to help her by considering things and tell the police to release Pablo because he never stole the car for a bad intention. So, Manuel decides to assist her with Adrian and they also call in Rafael to assist them so they can all talk to Camilo.

Eugenia tells Laura that Diana and she are her daughters; that she raised them and that she found out by accident, but that nothing is going to change. Eugenia tells Chabela that she doesn’t want that Diana finds out that she is adopted too; that if he asks her, she tells her that she (Diana) is her daughter, Chabela answers that she won’t keep the secret and that if she doesn’t want that her daughters to hate her, she should tell them the truth. On the other hand, Eugenia wants Chabela to not tell Diana about the truth that she is also not her daughter but she advises her to tell the truth so not to have this kind of disdain also from Diana.

Diana employs Lidia for her household chores and that of babysitting Nicholas and Barbie looks happy to have her there to assist them.

Laura arrives home and tells Diana that she feels like dying because it turns out that Eugenia isn’t her real mother, because she herself confirmed it to her. Barbie then assures her that though that is true, she loves her as her auntie. Diana wants to go with her to know the truth from Eugenia but Laura refuses to go stating that she never wants to see Eugenia again for lying and hating her all her life. Diana also tells her that whether she is or she isn’t she will still be her sister.

A musician friend of Cristobal discuses with him if he would love to be her keyboardist because hers left for a mission elsewhere but considering how time consuming her recordings and also since Cristobal is also a student and she might be needing him during school times, she doesn’t know if he still wants to give her a hand and he accepts because he doesn’t care skipping classes though he will seek permission.

Manuel and Adrian goes with Rafael and Regina to speak with Camilo that Regina has something very important to tell him and Regina tells him that Pablo is an environmentalist and Rafael tells him that Pablo has used the computers and the server of media link for his illicit operations and it seems that the company is involved because a few days ago some agents went to investigate and if he doesn’t step in the company’s name will be astake. Camilo goes angry for Pablo using his computers and Regina defends him stating that she is so proud at what the two of them does and it comes as a shock to him and Monica then calls the company’s lawyer to assist them with the issue.

Almudena is also doing everything possible and the manicure and pedicure to be able to look so attractive and win Camilo over.

Ximena is ready and full ready to modernize her friend Monica so she can dress very well as an executive manager to be able to compete with the ladies of Camilo and win him no matter what.
Camilo gets upsets and Regina tells him that he did the same thing when he was young, Camilo tells her that she is right, but that he didn’t steal vans and he didn’t go to prison, Regina asks him to help Pablo, Monica tells them that she knows how to help Pablo. 

Diana goes to ask her mother if it is true that Laura isn’t her daughter and Eugenia confesses to her that the two of them are adopted, she and Laura and this comes as a shock to her but she reasons and understand Eugenia for protecting and taking care of them. Diana then asks her who her biological parents are and Eugenia goes 

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