July 15, 2020

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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 51 Update on Thursday 28th February 2019 – CrystalUpdate

Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 51 Update on Thursday 28th February 2019 - Telenovelas GH

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Camilo tells Monica that the job of executive manager was way too big for her and there she failed him too therefore, he does not want her in his life nor in his company so, she should grab her things and get out of media link. Monica then goes to tell Rafael that Camilo fired her and so she is leaving. 
Camilo then goes to tell Mauricio that as of now he takes over as the new manager because he thinks that he should have given that role to him right from the start because he realized it wrong to have given it to Monica and Mauricio thanks him for trusting him and he assures him that he is not going to disappoint him. 

Rafael tells Camilo that it is unfair that he dismissed Monica and Camilo asks him to go to Monica and ask her to tell him the wrong she’s committed and not stand there to defend her and Camilo informs him that Mauricio is the new executive manager so he Rafael will be reporting to him and he goes so very shocked. 

This makes some of the workers even think that if Monica who is even untouchable has been fired then they don’t know what can become of them because within a twinkle of an eye they can also be kicked out but Armando assures them to not think far like that because Monica has told them that Camilo did that due to a personal reason.

Rafael calls Inaki to inform him that that Camilo is unrecognizable and he doesn’t mean to sound bitter, but to promote Mauricio as manager and dispel Monica was a terrible mistake. Inaki tells him to be careful because Mauricio will make his life impossible and even to the extent that he could cause him to be fired as well and Rafael states that he can tell that very well.

Monica looking so desperate calls her friend Ximena to tell her that she’s been fired and seriously, she thinks that Camilo is so heartless and inconsiderate because if there is anyone who has sacrifice her all for the betterment of Media link, it’s her for 20years. She then decides to close from work to meet her at home to console her.

As Monica leave the office with her things, Luis and Pablo bids farewell to her looking so sad meanwhile, Mauricio watches her and becomes happy. Nora, Rafael and Armand bid farewell whiles Camilo watches her from behind with Monica shedding tears and he walks away.

Same vein, Laura and Mauricio calls Barbie and Diana separately to inform them and Monica’s dismissal and Rafael’s promotion and they don’t only look just shocked but becomes happy and Diana congratulates Barbie on her husband Mauricio’s promotion and Barbie thinks Mauricio deserves it and hopes that with Monica out of the company, her dad will only have eyes for her mum Diana and Diana hopes so.

Margarita meets Regina on Campus and gives a cell phone to her since she destroyed hers and she activate the GPS on the phone without Regina’s notice before bringing it to her so that she gets to know and trace her wherever she (Regina) goes. 

On a phone call, Camilo tells Almudena that he dismissed Monica and it hurts him because never did he think that he will ever dismiss Monica least to think of doing so on the basis he stood on to do so but Almudena replies that he is doing the right thing and asks him what he is going to do about Diana too and replies that he has not spoken to her as it looks more complicated because she is his wife and the mother of his four children. Almudena tells him that if Diana loves him, she would never have let him to another woman. 

Adrian advises Regina that Manuel has already lodged a divorce petition against Margarita and therefore should forget about giving her daughter to her but Regina replies if she can’t give her son to the Gonzalez, she will find another couple that wants her baby. 

The lawyer of Manuel brings to Margarita the divorce papers so she could go through by checking the clauses but she tears them into pieces stating that she refuses to get that divorce. She goes to confront Manuel that if because of him and his absurd divorce she loses Regina’s baby, she will pay for it dearly.
Ximena goes to Media link angrily to go see Camilo but upon reaching there he tells her that he is in no mood to listen to anyone but Ximena demands Camilo to listen to her whether he likes it or not.

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