March 02, 2021

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Wanlov explains why he named his daughter Ama Manpi; says he didn’t cum [ARTICLE]

Wanlov explains why he named his daughter Ama Manpi; says he didn't cum [ARTICLE]

The musician has six other children with names like Abonsamposuro, Mali Wasty, Tivi, Kojolescu, Alata Mori and Ebony. The member of the FOKN Bois music duo appeared on a radio show and explained the motive behind the names he chooses for his children.

According to him, the reason behind the name Ama Manpi is because he didn’t reach climax during the intercourse that conceived his daughter, hence the name “Manpi” which when translated from Twi to English means ‘I didn’t cum”

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Speaking to Fiifi Prat on Kingdom FM about his daughter named Ebony, he said she was delivered two days after the late Ebony Reigns, hence, a name to honour the singer. He added that if not for that, he would have named her “Weide3” because for ‘this one’ he reached orgasm.

Wanlov and Japanese son

Wanlov has fathered these children with 5 different women from different countries. Hear him say it all in the video below.

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