March 02, 2021

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Wendy Shay confronts Ola Michael for saying she’s ugly without makeup

Wendy Shay’s face without makeup is like a horror movie - Ola Micheal

The singer made the comments during an interview, where she confronted, Ola Michael, a popular showbiz pundit, who said she will look like a horror movie if she wakes up in the morning without makeup.

The “Shay On You” met Ola during an interview and she blatantly told him in that face that he is a bully who must not be allowed to be speaking on the radio. “That is very bad for a man to say that about a woman, it’s definitely bullying and harassment. So I am saying in your face that you are a bully and I think such men should not be talking on radio” she said.

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Ola in reaction apologized to the singer. “ I doing it from my heart that I am sorry, I didn’t mean to denigrate in anyway, we were just watching having a discussion and the Presenter brought your name, as a case study and I was using it to explain makeup and sweating,” Ola Michael said.

Watch more from the video below.

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