April 16, 2021

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Wendy Shay fires shot at Keche for claiming she’s going through something (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Wendy Shay fires shot at Keche for claiming she's going through something (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

According to Wendy Shay, Keche has no compassion for women because it is a woman who looks after, therefore, she is not surprised the singer spoke negatively about her. ” I use to dance to his songs but I don’t blame him,” she said.

Speaking on Zylofon FM this morning, Wendy added that “excuse me, I see him as a man whom a woman takes care of him. Before the woman comes home, there will a sumptuous meal in the house for her, people like that are usually not compassionate to women“.

The ‘Shay On You’ singer pleaded that her comment is not to condescend on men who are supported by women. “Not to disrespect any man that it is a woman looking after him, not to disrespect them but someone like Keche, I don’t blame him,” she said.

Wendy Shay was reacting to a video of Keche that popped on the internet in which the “No Dullin” singer could be heard saying that ‘Wendy Shay is going through something’ and giggled.

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Expressing her disappointment in the act by Keche Josua, Wendy Shay said if even she was going through something, how Keche went about it is not the right way. Watch the video below.

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