December 01, 2021

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Wendy Shay has achieved what others couldn’t achive in 10 years – Bullet [ARTICLE]

Bullet of Rufftown Records announces breakup from girlfriend; says bloggers caused it [ARTICLE]

Speaking about how he has managed to mange the singer on his record label to become a household name despite the criticisms, he said ” Wendy Shay don’t mind these haters, they will find it hard to accept you are the hottest and reigning Queen. In two years, you have achieved what others couldn’t. attain in 10 years“.

The defunct musician, born Ricky Nana Agyemang, via a social media post seen by continued that ” They should check the stats; stream numbers, endorsements , the works, the hits, awards and shows we have played. Keep up the hardwork and stay focus never pay heed to their antics because most of the industry people has generated hatred towards you because of me“.

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Bullet also noted people thought his outfit wouldn’t recover from the death of Ebony but he has proved them wrong. “They thought the demise of Ebony was my end but look at us today. Some label bosses after one artiste left, they couldn’t even breed an ant, so they are just frustrated and depressed.Don’t even listen to them on any day.”

Bullet and Ebony

The Rufftown Records CEO also seized the momment to annouce that he’ll soon sign another female musician to his label who will also excell. “Watch this space i will be bringing a new female artist soon and she will ride on all of you again haters. You are all in pain“.

Screenshot of Bullet's about Wendy Shay

Screenshot of Bullet’s about Wendy Shay

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