February 27, 2021

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Wendy Shay’s face without makeup is like a horror movie – Ola Micheal

Wendy Shay’s face without makeup is like a horror movie - Ola Micheal

Speaking on a show on Okay FM, the film producer in discussing matters relating the appearance of women in showbiz, stated that people with oily faces like Wendy, need to have makeup done before taking pictures for the public.

In an attempt to justify his opinion, he went farther to describe the singer’s face without makeup as a scary thing, which will drive people away like a horror movie, should they chance on her anytime she wakes from bed in the morning.

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They are some people like Wendy Shay, when you take them a picture without makeup it won’t be nice, she doesn’t have picture beauty, if you go and meet her in her house early morning, her face will be like a horror movie but like as I said, beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder” pulse.com.gh heard him say in Twi.

Ola Michael

The comment has attracted him backlash from fans, with some describing his comment as disrespectful, hurting and reckless. “Awwww this is so mean! Horror movie! Owww. Girl yi abr3 dodo habaaah” an Instagram user wrote and another said “Ah but y must he say dat

However, to some extent, others agreed with Ola’s comment as a user with the handle @anitamensa wrote “He’s not saying she’s not nice..what the man is trying to say is that she doesn’t have picture beauty which Wendy Shay herself admits to during her show on McBrown’s kitchen..so without makeup, taking a picture in the morning will be like she’s in a horror movie…Ghanaians let’s think deep to certain issues without negativity” 

Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us.  

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