October 23, 2021

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Who Killed Libia Update on Friday 31st May 2019


Rosendo tells Augustine and Serwaa that he recalls whom the belt belongs to but he’s trembling to spill it out and Augustine asks him to be bold and say it and there, he discloses to them that it belongs to Ricardo. Meanwhile, Gabby was eaves dropping and when she realized the truth is finally out, it really hurt her that his own very father Augustine now knows and she decides to make Ricardo aware.
Fernando informs Gabby that he went to the hospital with Ruth to visit her grandchild but Gabby states to him that, that child isn’t her granddaughter and there’s no way she’ll identify to anyone whom Sofia’s real daughter is among the three. Fernando then asks why she can’t confide in him and disclose it and Gabby expresses that she’s going to keep it to herself because it’s the only thing she can use to defend herself over him and whiles they speak, Otafrigya arrives to see Gabby and when Fernando tried questioning him, Gabby confidently mentions to him that Otafrigya is now her new companion so he has no right to question his visit.
Ricardo tells Ruth to be careful when dealing with John Osei because he’s also an enemy and she explains that she has no bit of love for him but her reasons for mingling with him is because she wants to get back at Sofia for what she did to her in the past and when that is done, she’ll stay away from him forever.
Raquel picks an argument with Ricardo for always supporting Ruth when she goes wrong and not giving her (Raquel) who happens to be his wife the necessary respect and that she has come to realize he doesn’t love her. Ricardo then applauds her for noticing that he never loved her all these years and that he only agreed to marry her due to her money and he goes ahead to inform her that the only woman he has ever loved in his entire life is Gabriela Elizondo and Raquel goes dumb.
Raquel recites to herself that she brought all these misfortunes upon herself for raising a child which doesn’t belongs to her to please a man who never loved her and she decides to pay Gabby by never making her aware that Ruth is her biological child.
Eva makes her mind to go to the hacienda to see if she can get a chance to speak to Ruth but on her arrival, she shocking finds her and Fernando kissing and fondling each other and she just couldn’t believe her eyes. She later sees Gabby approaching and quickly, she goes to interrupt her from seeing what those two are doing.
Sofia and her sisters furiously confronts their mother for deceiving them that their father Bernardo was the one who killed the parents of the Osei brothers and Sofia stated that she knows her purpose for doing that was because she wanted to separate them from the brothers and Gabby agrees to it that it’s true she did it for that purpose because she hates that family with all her might and they congratulate her for a good job done. Gabby then asks how they had that courage to confront her like that and Sofia mentions that she shouldn’t forget they’re the Elizondos and Gabby giggles and says to herself that Sofia thinks she’s an Elizondo but she doesn’t know her real father is Ricardo.
Eva confronts Fernando for not having any shame in kissing Ruth in the house of Gabby and she warns him to respect Ruth because she’s her daughter and Fernando tells her that Ruth is easy going and there, Eva tries to smack him but he gets hold of her and attempts to hurt her but Sofia and her sisters comes to her rescue.
Sofia later asks Eva why she had that argument with Fernando because she has never seen her like that before and Eva bitterly announces to her that she saw Fernando and Ruth kissing and Sofia gets wowed. On the other hand, Gabby also asks Fernando as to why he had that misunderstanding with Eva because she found it strange and he explains that Eva always meddles in his affairs and it’s enough so he wanted to teach her a lesson. He then went further to ask Gabby to put away all the grudges she has with Sofia and let peace reign in the house and he kisses her but Gabby seems quite confused.
 Sofia later goes to see the police officer to report Fernando to him for making them go bankrupt and the officer decides to take the matter further.
John goes to teach Fernando a bitter lesson and he cautions him to stop meddling in things that matters to him especially when it comes to Sofia, the children and his own brothers.

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