July 10, 2020

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WhoKilled Libia Update on Sunday 30th June 2019

WhoKilled Libia Update on Sunday 30th June 2019

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Ruth gets very disturbed as the wedding between John and Sofia is already approaching and Fernando seems not to do anything to halt it and she goes to attack him that he’s not a man of his words and all he did was to deceive her to split her properties into two and Fernando warns her not to talk to him anyhow or doubt him because things are being put in place for her to end up in bed with John for their problems to be solved and she becomes happy.

Sofia tells John Raquel is no where to be found and she heard it somewhere that a gentleman named Otafrigya knows about her whereabout and John decides to do a follow up.
Franco pays a visit to Sarah at the shop and he happens to meet Jemimah and he states to her that it hurts him to see that she’s no more with his brother Oscar he just hope she’ll one day forgive and get back with him and she brings to his notice that there’s no way she’ll get back with Oscar again and besides, she has even decided to go far away after John and Sofia’s wedding.

Otafrigya notifies Raquel that he learnt John Osei is searching for him but he’s sure she’s the reason why and Raquel gets worried and wonder why John will be searching for her and Otyafrigya tells her to calm down because John is harmless and he won’t even dare to inform Ricardo or anyone when he finds her. Raquel confides in Otafrigya since he has saved and protected her all these while and spills out the secret to him that Sofia isn’t Gabby’s biological child but Eva’s and Soledad over hears it.
Soledad goes to sit quietly after hearing the secret and states to herself that it’s such a pity for Sofia to have lived with a woman who happens not to be her biological mum especially it being Gabby and so, she chooses to go and speak to Sofia and Eva to disclose the truth to them.

John goes to give a strong warning to Ricardo along with the document he found which states that Raquel is the sole owner of the properties and Ricardo tries snatching the papers from him but John knocks him down and threatens him that if he dare tries to get close to his house for the papers, he’ll end his miserable life.

Sofia invites Gabby to her wedding ceremony with John but she rejects the invitation and forbids to ever step a foot at that retched wedding of theirs and Sofia bitterly asks why she hates her so much and she tells her to get out because she’s not her daughter and Sofia still tries to get closer and plead with her but she stretches out her hand to hit her and Eva quickly comes to Sofia’s defence and irately yells at Gabby not to lay a figure on Sofia because if she does, she’ll break her bones.

Sofia later shows her gratitude to Eva for always availing herself to defend her and Eva expresses that she loves her as if she was her own child and she really means it from the bottom of her heart and Sofia also tells her that she felt something strange for her when she was defending her from Gabby and they hug each other very passionately.

John organises a last party to announce her wedding with Sofia the next coming day and all their loved once comes in their numbers to give them their full support. As John steps out to pick Sofia from the hacienda to the party, Fernando and Ruth also hides and gages him with a sleeping syrup which knocks him down and makes him feel dizzy. After a while, John totally goes off and they carry him secretly into his bedroom and undresses him for Ruth to lie on top of him and make it look as if they slept together.

Sofia later arrives at the party grounds without John and everyone begins to ask where he is and Sofia tells them she didn’t come across him and that’s why she came all by herself and they inform her that John stepped out to pick her up and there, everyone starts getting worried especially Sofia. Oscar then suggests that for Sofia to calm down, she should go to John’s bedroom and relax because John will definitely get back and Sarah and Jemimah decides to take her but to their astonishment, they find Ruth in bed with John and Ruth mocks at Sofia after finding her in that position.

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